New Year Meeting 2011! Swap Meet ! 

Welcome to CROWN Classics Blog !

This Sunday is New Year Meeting in Odaiba!

CROWN Classics will be there on Club stand area!

please stop by at our stands for parts, CROWNS and

1JZ conversions. I will try to answer to all your questions!


明日は、New Year Meetingがお台場で開催されます。

CROWN Classicsも、クラブスタンドで参加いたします。




I know some people who will go to New Year Meeting from long distance

and abroad too, please try to go to MOONEYES Shop in Yokohama where

CROWN Classics CROWNS and just imported Datsun 521 Pick up are displayed

You can enjoy the fine food in MOON Cafe too.

遠方や海外から来場される皆様に、この機会に是非MOONEYES Area-1にもお立ち寄りください、

会場には参上できなかったCROWN Classicsのクラウンも、また到着したてのDatsun521Pickも見れます。

さらに!隣接するMOON Cafeで、軽いTea Timeから、しっかり食べたい御客様に御食事も出来ます!

Anyway, this week I went to Hamamatsu for registering another 1 JZ conversion! This time is

MS52 Wagon!. It’s  late model wagon with 1JZ full conversion.


1JZ換装MS52 クラウン ワゴンです!

Now this Wagon will go over interior redone.

New seat with Tuck & Roll and Doors and sealing.

Even Dash board will be replaced with our Original New Dash Board Parts! I think I can show some pictures of changing dash board next week.


さらに!ダッシュボードは、CROWN ClassicsのオリジナルNEWPARTSダッシュボードに交換です!


Thank you for reading ! See you next Week!


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