28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals

こんにちは、Crown Clasicsの松井です!
Hello, I’m Matsui from Crown Classics!

今回から、自分がCrown ClassicsのBlogをお届けしますので、宜しくお願い致します。
I will be updating the Crown Classics Blog from now on.

先週行われた、MOONEYES Street Car Nationals。会場が狭くなったのですが、
Last week Sunday in Odaiba, Tokyo was the MOONEYES Street Car Nationals. The event area was smaller than last year but the weather was fine and we were blessed with plenty of spectators.

その中でOld Crownのエントリーもあったので、写真だけですが、御覧下さい。
Within the show cars were some fantastic old Crowns. Here are some photos from the event.

Here we go, up first, a 40 series Wagon! This model year is known as a MARU-TAIL (Round-Tail) because the shape of its tail lights.

そして、40系 セダン。(角テール)2台とも、デラックスグリル。
And here’s another 40 series Crown in Sedan form. It’s a different year than the wagon above with a slight model change to the tail lights. It has rectangle shaped lights and is called KAKU-TAIL.

This is an excellent looking 40 series sedan. The final model of the 40 series.

50系後期 ピックアップ。Late model 50 series pickup.

50系 前期 ピックアップ。early model pickup of the 50 series.IMG_1205

Unfortunately, I was personally unable to take my time looking at these beauties. (I was working at the event)

The official event report has been posted online. Please be sure to check out all the cars!
You can view the report of the office website: http://streetcarnationals.com

Thank you for view and see you next week!

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