Sunny Sunday November 13th at Yokohama Prince Hotel in YOKOHAMA, 16th Annual Crown Picnic was held.
This year Over 60 entry was made. The number of entry has been increasing by bit every year. Number of Sedan has increased but at same time 50 series Pick up and Wagon has decreased. 40 series round tail Sedan and Wagons has been increasing every year but at same time late model square tail lens Vans and Wagons has decreased.
Pick ups were few from start but its sad to think that there used to be more Vans and Wagons entering to Picnic. 60 cars with changes so there must be about 100 Crowns out there. It would be nice to see all hundred Crowns at once. In this year RS56 Pick up had made entry on Show day. It was saved from some warehouse being closed down. It is a destiny when you think about it could have been crashed in matter of time.

The Long Distance Award went to Mr. TEZUKA from Yamagata with Teardrop Tail Sedan. First Thank you (the car) for traveling the long way and Mr. TEZUKA thank you for taking a hike. This year seems all cars were more cleaned up. That's a good thing.

Crown Top
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