The 17th Crown Picnic was hosted on Saturday 19th November 2006 at Parking lot behind the MOONEYES Area-1. The history of Crown Picnic is older than the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW which we will host 15th annual on December 3rd. Did you know that Crown Picnic used to be co hosted with Type II party while there was still nothing build at land in front of MOON EYES Area-1. It has been a while since Picnic came back to near MOONEYES Area-1. In reminiscence the old time, The 17th Crown Picnic had weather forecast for coldest of this season and rain. Even though we wished it was cold in the morning and there was a sedan waiting at gate before our staff arrived.

It was not raining yet and Crowns came one by one and more as time went on. MOON Garage had 3 of 1964 Toyota Crown Round tail station wagon and a pick up displayed at the event entrance. And free Hot Coffee were served at the tent. There were 13 of Kujira Crowns, 28 of 50 series, 14 of 40 series and 4 of 30 series grand total of 59 of crowns gathered to the event.

It is fantastic sight that the Old Crowns were lined up in its series order and only can be seen at this event. Just like Shige Suganuma's MS50 Crown which was just completed after drive train swap there were couple of Crown Sleeper with Old Crown look out side and updated drive train. They surprise you with aggressive drive in bad weather. People gather naturally when hood is little open and car talks begun. It was really Crown enthusiasts heaven.

The rain had hit in the afternoon after dry morning and Crown Picnic was called for the day. There were some cars with real bias tires and hope they made it safe back home. The Crown Picnic will be held again next year. Hope we will see you again next year. Wish we can have Crown Picnic on warmer days.
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