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Welcome to CROWN Classics Blog !

I hope everyone is doing fine !
More message last week, RS40L Sedan from Netherland.

Wow !! We call this Round tail, the body style code that

people usualy call in Japan has names with unique body parts.

one before this style is called tear drop, which has round tail and reverse on bottom

that looks like a tear drop only its upside down though.

Anyway, its great to know Crown is getting recovered in all over the world !!!



先週は、  からメールがありました。




CROWN Clssics has considered about making weather strips before.

Yes, Vent window weather strips for front door that everyone ask for.

we never made it to sell as no sample to make perfect thing and

it leaks when rains hard and water can not be sealed.

But I guess its better than nothing.

We have to consider again about making it, only if people understand it will not be

a perfect seal against the water....

The only part available now is Rear window seal for RS40.

Thank you !!

See you next week!!! 

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